OTEC The basic principles behind Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) units have been well documented for more than a century, though this niche renewable sector has only started to gain more public prominence in recent years. Alongside solar PV, it has been identified as potential key energy generation choice for several hotel chains with resorts [...]

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Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy One of the only renewable energy resources that offers 100% predictability in terms of its generation potential, tidal stream and tidal range energy devices are guaranteed to form a large part of the energy mix in the future. There now exist a large number of different tidal energy devices in the market, and [...]

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Wave Energy

Wave Energy Wave energy is one of the most untapped renewable energy resources on the planet, and the market space is moving fast, with a large number of varied design types under development. For more on the individual services offered, click here Floating Wave Energy Converters: The mooring of floating wave energy converter (WEC) devices [...]

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Wind Energy

Wind Energy As the most advanced offshore renewable sector, wind energy provides a number of challenges spanning new and innovate concept design through to optimisation of structures and systems that have now been operating in place for more than two decades. For more on the individual services offered, click here Offshore Floating Wind The critical [...]

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