The basic principles behind Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) units have been well documented for more than a century, though this niche renewable sector has only started to gain more public prominence in recent years. Alongside solar PV, it has been identified as potential key energy generation choice for several hotel chains with resorts in remote, tropical locations, where the conditions suit the requirements of the technology.

Its potential 100% consistency of supply makes it unique within the renewables sector, and DWR is already working with key developers of this technology looking to manufacture offshore floating OTEC units.

DWR offers full OTEC system configuration and sizing as well as mooring system design and structural and hydrodynamic design of the floating unit. It also offers over ten years’ experience in the analysis, specification and procurement of flexible risers and electric cables, as well as having expert knowledge of the optimum subsea configurations of these products and enjoying long-standing relationships with the major suppliers of these items.

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