Wave Energy

Wave energy is one of the most untapped renewable energy resources on the planet, and the market space is moving fast, with a large number of varied design types under development.

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Floating Wave Energy Converters:

The mooring of floating wave energy converter (WEC) devices in heavy wave zones is one of the most challenging facets of engineering, especially as there is often a need to balance the ultimate security of the unit with a specific level of compliance in its mooring system. DWR has the expertise to design and implement complete moorings systems for these types of WEC application, ensuring that installation and export cabling aspects are all also fully considered.

Seabed Wave Energy Converters

With a fundamental understanding both of the structural design of the units themselves, and the water column dynamics associated with the movement of surface waves, DWR offers a comprehensive range of services within the field of subsea WEC design. These services range from practical issues of design and installation through to computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of water/ structure interactions.