Fabrication DWR maintains strong, ongoing relationships with a number of fabrication facilities in the UK and in South-East Asia, and can deliver complete or partial fabrication scopes for projects of all sizes. The company’s experienced construction team is able to provide project fabrication support from initial concept through to full construction execution, and draws on [...]

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Specialist Procurement

Specialist Procurement DWR understands the criticality of procurement of specialist items to overall project budgets and schedules. Our personnel have proven experience in the procurement of mooring components of all types (anchors, chains, polyester lines and all ancillaries), as well as the procurement of subsea power cables and associated ancillaries. Our engineers can assist in [...]

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Third party verification

Third party verification DWR understands the importance of specialist knowledge and engineering in both the tender and execution phases of your project, and that additional, quality resource is often hard to find. Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers can provide expert tender support and evaluation, as well as full-blown project engineering review and specialist design services [...]

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Tailored Project Management Services

Tailored Project Management Services Project management is offered by a large number of companies; especially the larger, multi-industry engineering design houses, who are now stepping more and more in to the renewables arena. However the implementation of this management by these large companies and the expediency with which it is delivered is often considerably lacking [...]

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installation and Transportation

Installation and Transport Installation of offshore assets can account for anywhere between 10% and 25% of total project Capital Expenditure.  DWR’s directors have over ten years on-site experience of offshore installation campaigns, and the company brings a wealth of knowledge to this critical area of project execution.  Full system installation guidelines, offshore installation analysis and [...]

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Design Engineering

Design Engineering With an extensive background in engineering design, DWR can provide expertise in all of the following areas: MOORING SYSTEM DESIGN Mooring system selection and design: Single Point Mooring (SPM) Turret CALM (Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring) SALM (Single Anchor Leg Mooring) Spread mooring Mooring configuration design: Catenary / semi-taut / taut Chain, wire, synthetic [...]

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