Installation and Transport

Installation of offshore assets can account for anywhere between 10% and 25% of total project Capital Expenditure.  DWR’s directors have over ten years on-site experience of offshore installation campaigns, and the company brings a wealth of knowledge to this critical area of project execution.  Full system installation guidelines, offshore installation analysis and supporting calculations can all be provided, optimised to maximise safety of offshore operations, minimise installation campaign durations, and minimise CAPEX spend on installation.


From conceptual, feasibility stage through to the output of detailed offshore procedures, our experienced engineers can develop an array of options specifically tailored to project and client specifications.

Early engagement of DWR’s input into the project lifecycle enables our clients to incorporate installation considerations whilst still in the design phase, and can allow for significant reduction in capital expenditure costs during final deployment operations offshore.

Services include provision of:

  • Full offshore installation procedures and method statements
  • Storyboard drawings
  • Detailed procedural calculations and analysis
  • Responsibility and interface matrix development
  • Risk assessments


DWR has wide-ranging experience in the transportation of both fixed and floating offshore structures, and equipment. Our solutions are tailored specifically to meet client requirements in order to ensure the secure and safe transport of all items of cargo. Our services include:

  • Vessel sea fastening and grillage design
  • Vessel deck layout studies
  • Vessel motion analysis
  • Vessel deck strength assessments
  • Provision of and liaison with Marine Warranty services





DWR knows the importance of onshore and offshore lifting logistics for uninterrupted operations. Our engineers and management team can streamline and assist projects through provision of:

  • Lift plans and method statements for quayside and offshore lifting operations
  • Detailed lift calculations
  • “Appointed Engineer” services

On-site lift management and supervision personnel


DWR’s engineers can provide pre-assembly and load out sequence methodologies to optimise efficiency of pre-assembly logistics for fixed or floating platform structures and equipment prior to load-out. This can include:

  • Assembly site layout studies
  • Quayside load out plans

Risk assessments